2022 Record: 14-19 (7-13)

Head Coach: Jerod Haase (Career Record 192-162) (Stanford Record 112-109)

Projected Rotation:

PG: Jared Bynum (Providence 10.0 Pts, 2.4 Reb, 4.3 Ast)

SG: Andrej Stojakovic

SF: Spencer Jones (14.1 Pts, 4.7 Reb, 1.2 Ast)

PF: Brandon Angel (9.5 Pts, 4.5 Reb, 1.8 Ast)

C: Maxime Raynaud (10.5 Pts, 5.8 Reb, 3.7 Ast)

6: SG Michael Jones (9.5 Pts, 2.6 Reb, 1.7 Ast)

7: PF Max Murrell (4.4 Pts, 1.7 Reb, 0.4 Ast)

8: SG Kanaan Carlyle

9: SG Ryan Agarwal (3.5 Pts, 0.6 Reb, 0.2 Ast)

10: PF James Keefe (4.7 Pts, 4.2 Reb, 0.9 Ast)

11: SF Jaylen Thompson (RS)

12: C Aidan Cammann

Stanford did lose Harrison Ingram to the portal this offseason, but other than that they have returned most of their team from last season. Stanford returns their leading scorer in Spencer Jones. He is going into his 5th season and is a very reliable player for the Cardinal. He has great size at his position and is also able to score from all three levels. He will be the biggest key to the team if Stanford wants to improve upon their record from last year. Stanford also returns big men Maxime Reynaud and Brandon Angel. At 6-8 240lbs, Angel also has the ability to stretch the floor and make shots from beyond the arc. Angel is a fundamentally sound player who is also very experienced. Reynaud has great size at 7-1 250lbs. He has great touch around the rim and has show consistent growth from season to season.

The sole player that Stanford added this offseason via the transfer portal was Providence transfer Jared Bynum. He is expected to step right into the starting point guard role. Bynum is going into his 5th season of college basketball. He is a very good defensive player and on the offensive side of the ball he can also contribute as he’s mostly known for his passing. He also has experience contributing at a high level on a power conference team. He will bring his defensive intensity and passing talent to the Cardinal this season.

Michael Jones who is a former Davidson Wildcat was expected by many to shoot around 40% from 3 last season in his first year at Stanford. Instead, he was closer to 35%. With the experience and familiarity with the system, he can be at that 40% mark now adding more value to the team. Max Murrell is another player that adds value in shooting off the bench. The 6-9 forward shows the ability to stretch the floor. He will be more involved in the rotation and complements the starting pieces well. James Keefe is a walk on who plays really hard and is expected to have an even bigger role going into his 5th season. Ryan Agarwal is the final returner for the Cardinal. He is a sniper from deep and can really show tremendous growth going into his sophomore season.

The Cardinal also added a trio of freshman to the team this upcoming season. The recruiting class was headlined by 5 star wing Andrej Stojakovic. He is the son of former NBA all star Peja Stojakovic. Andrej is going to be a massive pickup for the Cardinal. Unlike his dad, Andrej isn’t strictly a three point shooter although he does have a really good shot. He has the ability to put the ball on the floor and really make plays. Kanaan Carlyle is a 4 star Top 60 recruit that has really flown under the radar since the Cardinal also signed Stojakovic. Carlyle has great length that he uses on the defensive end, he also is a playmaker like Stojakovic and is very athletic. Aidan Cammann is another freshman the Cardinal added to the squad. He could be a redshirt candidate as he continues to develop. Jaylen Thompson is a former 4 star and Top 110 player. He redshirted this past season and has the ability to really contribute this year after his developmental season.

I do believe that Stanford will improve upon their record from last season. Stanford had some preseason expectations last season and they really disappointed. This could be seen as a make it or break it year for Haase. They do have the talent to be a competitive team but it really depends on how the team comes together and how the chemistry is among the players. Stanford has a perfect mix of older experienced players and young talent that will continue to develop. Stanford should make it a goal to get into the NIT, they really have the talent to surprise some people this year.