Top 10 Transfers 2022-23: Pac 12

1. Courtney Ramey– Arizona (Texas) Arizona struck gold in the portal landing Texas transfer Courtney Ramey. Ramey averaged 9.4PPG and 3.5RPG last season. He is also a very capable shooter from beyond the arc. The best aspect of Ramey’s game is his on-ball defense as he was seen by many as the best defender inContinue reading “Top 10 Transfers 2022-23: Pac 12”

Fast Rising Prospect Andrew Meadow Talks Recruitment

In high school basketball, it is rare to see a prospect that can do almost anything on the court. However, there are very few things on the basketball court that 6’7″ forward Andrew Meadow (2023) can’t do. Despite being built like a forward, he can handle the ball and run the court with ease. Plus,Continue reading “Fast Rising Prospect Andrew Meadow Talks Recruitment”