Top 10 Transfers 2022-23: Pac 12

1. Courtney Ramey– Arizona (Texas) Arizona struck gold in the portal landing Texas transfer Courtney Ramey. Ramey averaged 9.4PPG and 3.5RPG last season. He is also a very capable shooter from beyond the arc. The best aspect of Ramey’s game is his on-ball defense as he was seen by many as the best defender inContinue reading “Top 10 Transfers 2022-23: Pac 12”

Piyush Aneja makes the move to Eduprize Prep

Piyush “P” Aneja, a guard in the class of 2023, has officially transferred to Eduprize Prep. Aneja has spent time at a few schools, the latest being Elevation Prep in Indiana. “Elevation Prep was great, facilities were top notch and it’s ran by good people,” Aneja said. “It’s just I couldn’t mentally adjust to theContinue reading “Piyush Aneja makes the move to Eduprize Prep”