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This scouting service has been approved in accordance with NCAA bylaws, policies, and procedures. NCAA Division I (and non-DI) basketball coaches are permitted to subscribe to this scouting service.

It’s no secret that the transfer portal has become the forefront of college basketball, especially when it comes to being nationally relevant and contending for postseason play. However, as we’ve seen, not every transfer is a perfect fit for every program. Worry no more, because Hoop Scoop Media has you covered. For just $99, you will have access to counting stats, analytical stats, biography information, and contact information for all Division I transfers, and select Division II transfers. Along with those stats, we also have a section of the database dedicated to analyzing the transfers. There, you will find their strengths, weaknesses, projected level and a one-sentence summary about the transfer.


$99– Full Access to the transfer service containing all stats for every single transfer. Also contains analysis on the players. Subscription is valid for one transfer cycle.

ONLY college basketball coaches are permitted to subscribe to our service. This is a recruiting tool only and not available for the general public.

There is no other place where you will be able to view all these stats and expert analysis for every single transfer in the same place!


About Us

At Hoop Scoop Media, we live and breathe college basketball, but really focus on the transfer portal.

For years, we’ve been building personal connections with most transfers in the portal. But now, coaches will be able to use our extensive data sheet for the betterment of their own program.

Our mission with the Hoop Scoop Media Transfer Service is to make YOUR program better. We truly believe that the information contained will be able to take your program to the next level.

If you have any questions about the service, we’d be happy to answer them!


Phone Number: 402-686-3992

At Hoop Scoop Media, we prioritize customer service. We will respond to any questions or comments you have in a timely manner.

We are aware there are countless portal entries every day during peak portal season. Our Hoop Scoop Media team will have transfers entered into the database within minutes of entering the portal.

information Includes

  • Name
  • School Transferring From
  • Date Entered
  • Transferred Before?
  • Hometown/State
  • Year
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Position
  • Games Played
  • Minutes Per Game
  • Points Per Game
  • Rebounds Per Game
  • Assists Per Game
  • Steals Per Game
  • Blocks Per Game
  • Turnovers Per Game
  • 2-pointers made/attemped/percentage
  • 3-pointers made/attempted/percentage
  • Free throws made/attempted/percentage
  • Player Efficiency Rating
  • True Shooting %
  • Effective Field Goal %
  • Usage %
  • Offensive Rating
  • Defensive Rating
  • Win Shares
  • Box Plus/Minus
  • Destination
  • Contact Information
  • Analysis (Strengths, weaknesses, projected level of play, short summary)

So what are you waiting for?! It’s time to take your program to the next level. If you have any questions send us an email at or fill out the form below.