1: How was your recruitment coming out of high school?

“My recruitment coming out of high school was weird wasn’t real big on the basketball spectrum. I was a multi sport athlete. I started to get recruited my junior i committed early my senior year, the recruitment process was quick to say the least.”

2: Why did you commit to the Citadel?

“I knew the four years i would spend here would set me up for my future and it was just a bigger opportunity on the D1 level.

3:Why did you decide to redshirt your junior year?

“I decided to Medically redshirt because i had a grade 3 rupture on my hamstring. I had ups and downs and I tried to play, but it was a reoccurring issue and we felt it would be better to medically redshirt that year to recover”.

4:What’s been keeping you motivated¬†and how were you able to stay in shape during the pandemic?

“When the pandemic started, I was coming off my injury and getting my body right. I was doing a lot of running and just simple stuff. How I stay motivated one of my best friends passed away in April; he gave me a lot of encouragement.”

5:What were your goals going into this season?

“To win ball games i didn’t set any individual goals for myself my biggest thing going in was just doing what i could do to help my teammates and set them up for success in the best way i could do.”


Photo: Citadel Sports