Ben Shtolzberg Top Six

Talented 2022 guard Ben Shtolzberg has cut his list to six. Butler, Northwestern, Creighton, Rutgers, Virginia Tech, and Maccabi Tel Aviv, a pro team in Israel, made the list for Shtolzberg. He also had offers from Ole Miss, Nevada, SMU, Xavier, Pepperdine, Boston College, Nebraska, and many more, who did not make the cut. Shtolzberg is a 6’4″ point guard that currently attends Notre Dame High School, in Sherman Oaks, California.

Shtolzberg is rated as a 3 star prospect on 247sports, and unranked on Rivals and ESPN’s 2022 high school basketball rankings. However, it is clear to anyone that has watched him that he should be much higher on the rankings. He averaged 18.7 points this season in high school, and displayed skills in his game that will carry onto the next level. Shtolzberg is automatic from the 3 point line, and also has moves to get to the basket with ease.

At Hoop Scoop Media, we had the opportunity to speak with Shtolzberg about his Top Six list.

Describe how your recruiting process has gone so far.

“Great. I feel blessed and fortunate to have received multiple options that provide great fits for me to achieve my goals while developing great relationships with incredible people.”

You’ve gotten lots of offers/interests from college basketball programs. How tough was it to cut the list down to six?

“One of the most difficult decisions I have had to make to date. In fact, I did not fully appreciate how difficult it would be. Many NCAA basketball teams have evolved to become more than exceptional player development programs that win, but also provide the stewardship young aspiring student athletes need to grow off the court.”

What stood out about the five colleges on your list to include them in your Top Six?


“Northwestern has the best of both worlds, that offers a great balance between a great basketball program and academic institution. They also have made me a priority for them and envision me contributing right away in a system that allows guards to create. Coach Collins and I have also been in constant contact and created a great relationship.”


“Although Butler reached out later in the process, their style of play and player development have really stood out to me. They instill confidence in their guards to play fast and create for themselves and their teammates. Coach Val also has a great track record of developing college players into pros which is something that is very important to me.”


“Rutgers has been recruiting me for a while now and has made it clear that I am a major target for them. With the departure of their backcourt, they offer a great opportunity to contribute at a great program right away. I have created a great relationship with Coach Pike since we are both very similar in that we approach life with a large chip on our shoulders to prove our doubters wrong.”


“Coach Mac and Creighton also have expressed that I am a priority recruit for them which has been incredible given the program they have built. Coach Mac and their staff have an incredible track record of getting guards like me to the NBA, guys like Ty-shon Alexander and Marcus Zeg. Their offense and play style really enables their guards to be themselves and make great decisions. Coach Mac is a great coach and person who has built a program with a great winning culture.”

Virginia Tech

“Virginia Tech is another incredible opportunity and place to be. There is also a lot of opportunity to play a lot right away on a contending team. I have been in consistent contact with Coach Young who has gone out of his way to create a relationship that goes beyond basketball.”

Along with those five schools, you’ve also included Maccabi Tel Aviv. We’ve seen recruits consider pro options like the G-League or NBL but this is a new one. Explain why they made the cut for you.

“With both of my parents being from Israel and being Jewish, we have a lot of connections to many people in Israel in the basketball industry. They have been in contact with me and my family to consider them as a pro option as an alternative to college. They have incredible player development programs that will help me become the best me I can become. I can do this while also playing against pro competition right out of high school. I think those things could be very beneficial for my development as a player.”

Now that you’ve narrowed it down to six, what’s your timetable for committing?

“Just taking my time to continue building these relationships. Want to commit when I feel it’s right and am 100% comfortable with where I’m going. I have a lot of great options and want to take a good look at all of them. When that is I don’t know right now’

Describe your style of play and what your bring to a team, on and off the court.

“On the court I feel like I am a creator, whether that is creating for myself or my teammates. I am very well known for my scoring but I believe my leadership and playmaking is my best quality. I have also grown into a great two-way player that usually guarded the best scorers in the EYBL. Off the court, I’m a pretty outgoing person that can have fun and relate to my teammates in a lot of ways, whether over music, video games, or shoes.”

What do you hope to accomplish this upcoming season?

“I have two main goals this year. First is a team goal to win a state championship in California. We have a really talented group with a great coach and I think we can do something special this year. Also, I want to develop as much as I can individually to be ready to contribute at any of those college choices right away.”

One of those six programs will be getting a great player, and person, in Ben Shtolzberg. He will definitely be a name to watch out for this high school season, and after that with whatever route he takes.