2022 forward Malik Dia has cut his list to 6 schools: Marquette, Vanderbilt, Loyola Chicago, Murray State, Western Kentucky, and Georgia making the cut. Dia describes himself as a versatile forward that can score in a variety of ways. Dia also stated that he excels on defense and is able to switch very easily. Dia tells us that he plans to announce his decision around November.

Dia broke down the schools in his top 6:

Vanderbilt– “Coach Stackhouse is a legend and a  great player but also a good coach. When I went on an unofficial there I learned that he cares about winning a lot but he also cares about his players and wants to see them do great. Their staff calls me often and they say that I am a priority.”

Marquette– “Coach Shaka Smart and his staff call me almost every day. He makes me feel like I am wanted there, Marquette is a great program that is very beneficial. Coach Shaka is a very good coach and he produces pros such as the 3 that got drafted this past draft (Greg Brown, Kai Jones, and Jericho Sims).”

Loyola Chicago– “They show lots of love and think I can be something special. They want to see me do big things and think that I could help them a lot as a freshman. Coach Morgan always keeps real and seems like he wants what’s best for me.”

Murray State– “They have a great coaching staff that loves what I do also they are really friendly and understand my game.”

Western Kentucky- “They think that I can come in and be an immediate impact player. They also think that I can be a pro.”

Georgia- “UGA is a top-notch school and the staff think who I can be an impact there.”

Dia will announce his final decision in a few months and he will be a huge addition wherever he ends up. He’ll add tremendous value on both sides of the ball and be an immediate contributor.


Photo: Hoopseen.com