Earlier this week, 2022 forward Josh Ola Joseph cut his list to 3 programs with Loyola Chicago, Clemson, and Minnesota all making the cut. Ola-Joseph also had offers from programs such as Colorado State, New Mexico, and Texas A&M.

Ola-Joseph went through each program with us:


“I really like Clemson especially the coaching staff. The coach is very straightforward, he doesn’t sell anything false. He believes I can have a big role and he’s big on development.”

Loyola Chicago

“Loyola is just a great environment.  It feels like a family environment because Coach Drew Valentine is a phenomenal person and Coach Sean Dwyer is also a phenomenal person and they’re big on development. They win games so even though they are classified as a mid-major program, I see them as a high major program.”


“As for Minnesota even though the offer came late I still put them in there because Coach Ben Johnson is a really good person. He’s a new head coach that I believe could rebuild something really good at Minnesota. It is the hometown school too and obviously in the Big Ten which is one of the best conferences in the country. Good media coverage, and good facilities.”

Currently unranked on both 247 and rivals rankings, expect Ola-Joseph to rise dramatically at the next update.