2022 6′ 4″ combo guard Langston Reynolds out of Denver, CO names a Top 6 of Montana, Northern Colorado, Northern Arizona, UTEP, Oral Roberts, and Missouri. Reynolds is regarded as the #1 2022 player in Colorado. Reynolds also stated that he plans on committing in December.

What stood out about the 6 schools you included in your Top 6?

UTEP- “They recruit me very hard. I love the team and coaching staff and they show lots of love to me as a player and person. I feel if I go there I could be a great player and under the staff they have and support system they give me.”

Montana- “They were one of my first offers and have shown me lots of love. I’ve met the entire staff and I talk to them on a daily basis. I feel if I go there I could be the piece they are missing to try and get to the tournament.”

Missouri- “I put Mizzou in my final 6 because I love the program. They support in every way possible. They recruit me just as hard as any other school and show me what I could be for their program.”

Oral Roberts- “I have a great feel for Oral Roberts. They came at me hard and were honest with me as a player. They helped me understand what they like and what they wanna do for me as a player.”

Northern Arizona- “I love the coaching staff and player development itself. I feel if I go there, I could come out being the best version of myself as a player and person. They wanna push me in every way to get me to the top.”

Northern Colorado- “I love the players and staff there. They showed me lots of love and care on my unofficial visit there. I know some of the players already so that helps a lot with the chemistry and helped me decide as to what I wanna do and could come out and be a hometown hero.”